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April 9, 2019

I'll start the week off by linking to this post. Now, for some positive stuff! I switched to the Go programming language for my URCA project, and it has been a huge relief. Go makes things effortless (things that would be huge, annoying problems in Common Lisp) so I can just focus on building the actual program. The language is so small that I "learned" it in an afternoon. The whole process was refreshing. I'm not building anything complex enough to really run into the limitations of the language, but I do have the general impression that I'll be mostly using Go as a drop-in replacement for script-type stuff.

I also noticed some link rot in my earlier log posts and I'm considering automating some sort of fix. This python program might be a good start. Maybe I can integrate the functionality into my static site generator. I did notice that the Internet Archive doesn't work properly for some links like The New York Times.


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