I had time to do some interesting reading and get pretty far on the Road to Common Lisp amid the holidays and other things. I'm on Chapter 8 of Practical Common Lisp, although I'll have to revisit parts of the book moving forward. I'm saving the last small section of the first chapter of SICP as a retreat: I can feel the frustration about Common Lisp's huge learning curve coming to a boiling point. MIT's Scheme will feel blissfully simple when that happens.

I started working with a close friend on the development for a game idea he had - we decided to stick with the technology I'm already using, and try out the xelf game engine. It's written in Common Lisp.

I'm starting to have a love/hate relationship with the language, just like Emacs.

I've also decided to keep these logs shorter - it felt like overkill, documenting every exercise and piece of code I wrote. Anyway, here's what I read online this week:


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